"Suffering from Joint Pain?
Relax. I'm here to help"

    "Doctor, for the last 3 months I have pain in my knee joint." Joint pain is a common complaint I hear in my clinical practise. It affects almost everybody at some point in there life. Many diseases effect our joints.

    Patient co-operation is vital for effective treatment. I have found that if the patient is educated about his/her ailment, the more he/she cooperates and the treatment is more effective. The therapy is efficiently tailored in his/her best interests.

    Before going for our appointment with our doctor we make a mental list of many questions that we want to ask him/her. But what happens during the appointment? Many queries slip out of our mind or we simply lose the courage to ask them.
    After the appointment is over we feel the need for clarification on some points, but now we are out of the doctors chamber and just can't go back in and get them cleared.

    Also most doctors are so busy that they don't have the time and patience to answer every query and educate every patient about their disease. And I am one of them.

    That's where this site comes in. The mission of this site is to educate you about the different disorders pertaining to joint pain. It is a sincere effort on my part to enhance and compliment the doctor patient relationship, and in no way does this site wish to take the place your doctor or health care provider.

    Different joint areas of the body have been dealt with for ease of understanding. Disorders affecting multiple joints have been dealt with separately.

    This web site in intended for anybody wanting information pertaining to diseases, disorders and injuries affecting different joints.

    So sit back and click on to learn more.

    Last updated on 15th February 2011

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My compliments to you and your website. It provides the necessary knowledge and guide to bridge the gap caused by the bits of (mis)information given on most sites. Your website provides a short course on the subject. It not only guides the user, it also provides fundamental knowledge for researching the topic. Giving the user a remarkable and unmatched understanding of their topic. An ounce of knowledge makes for a better patient. I've been longing for a website such as yours. A website that is filled with information a layman can use. Its Not too complicated that it discourages the user.

Thank You for bridging the gap for me and for everyone else.

Daphane T.

Los Angeles, USA

I found your site very informative. Thank you!

Jeremy Verhines.

Jackson, Missouri, USA

Thank you for a most informative website!

Yara Eddine.


Thank you for taking the trouble to provide such a wonderfully informative and clear site.

Melanie Clough

NorthWest England

I am a third year pharmacy student from Canada. I want to say thanks for creating and maintaining this website. Your expertise and easy to understand explanations are helping to train the next generation of health care professionals across the world.


Toronto, Canada