Foot Pain: Common Causes

Foot pain can involve the heel, the toes or the whole foot. Degenerative diseases, improper shoes and poor foot hygiene can make the lives of our feet miserable.

Hallux valgus or bunion is a condition that affects the great toe. It results from deviation of the bones of the toe. Pain may occur and shoes may not fit properly.

Hallux rigidus is a disorder of the great toe in which it's mobility is reduced. Excess bone formation is responsible. It causes pain and difficulty in walking.

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Bunionette is a condition that is similar to bunion except for the fact that it involves the little toe. See the causes, diagnosis and treatment in the Bunionette page.

Hammer toe and Mallet toe are conditions that affect the smaller four toes. They develop as a result of abnormal position of the toe joints. Initially they may be painless. Click the above links to see more about these conditions in detail.

Flat feet are seen in 10 to 15% of the normal population. They are usually painless. When painful they require proper treatment. There causes are manifold. Learn more by clicking here.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the tibial nerve at the front of the ankle joint and in the foot. Symptoms are mainly foot pain and abnormal sensations.

Many people suffer from heel pain. Most common cause of heel pain is a condition called plantar fascitis that results from inflammation in the tissues of the foot. Being overweight predisposes to this condition. Learn more at the Heel pain page.

Haglund deformity presents as pain and swelling on the back of the heel. It results from irritation of the tissues behind the heel bone. More on this condition including treatment and prevention in the Haglund deformity page.

Sesamoid bones are small bones located within the tendons. Fractures of these bones are common in athletes. They result in pain below the ball of the foot. Know more at the Sesamoid fracture page.

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Calcaneus fracture occurs after falling from height. It can involve the subtalar joint and can lead to it's arthritis. Another important and serious fracture is fracture of talus bone. It requires urgent treatment to prevent complications.

Infection in the foot can present as pain, swelling and fever. Infections if neglected can lead to the development of gangrene that may require amputation to control. Prompt and aggressive treatment is required to prevent such catastrophic results. Learn more at the foot infection page.

Before reading in detail about the above conditions it would be a good idea to first read the anatomy of the foot. This will help you to get a better understanding of the disorders in the links above and below.

I hope the information provided was helpful. If you have any query you can ask me at the contact me page.

This page was last updated on 19th November 2010.

Causes of foot pain...


Hallux Rigidus


Hammer Toe

Mallet Toe

Flat Foot

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Heel Pain

Haglund Deformity

Sesamoid Fracture

Calcaneus Fracture

Talus Fracture

Foot Infection

Foot Anatomy

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